Customer Testimonials – CAR Clinic of Westfield, Inc.

“I just wanted to take a moment to praise the service I received this morning. I just moved into the area about a month ago and Google searched for a shop when I found Car Clinic. I went in for an 4 wheel alignment job. Since my 01′ 525I BMW had been in a wreck (Right Front – hit telephone poll) they took the time to explain and show me under the lift that due to the frame being pushed back; that it wont align perfectly straight.They even recommended me to a place to take it to have the frame straighten out however I do not have that kind of money for that job. I told them to just to the best they could. The alignment mechanic was very professional and explained to me that my car may pull to the right. However upon test driving the car everything seems great with no such pull and the wheel is perfectly centered!  They also gave me a print out of the current alignment specs (Toe, Caster, Camber etc). Staff is very courteous and knowledgeable, wouldn’t hesitate to take my car back to them – and I am very picky about others working on my car as I am a DIY kind of guy. Thank you Car Clinic!” – Daniel S.

“Chris is in charge of the shop and Allison in charge of the office. Together they do a great job of getting vehicles repaired quickly and at a reasonable price. They do good work. I personally recommend them.” – Doug, Westfield, IN 46074.

“We own a Honda, Toyota, and Volkswagen and have been taking them there for at least 3 years.  We have had exceptional service and even though I am a female I never have the fear of being overcharged or having unnecessary  tasks performed. They charge what you are quoted and do only what needs to be done. More recently, we were looking at purchasing an older model Mercedes convertible and had been quoted a reasonable fee for them to look over the car before purchasing it. To my surprise, they ended up waiving the fee b/c mechanically the car was in such great shape.  They are a company with integrity and I highly recommend them!” – Google Review